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Old Bathroom Renovations
Old Bathroom Renovation

Premium Old Bathroom Renovation Service in Sydney

Have your bathroom grown old? Are you done with its old, shabby look and want to turn it new afresh? You have turned to the right name! We at Hashtag Bathrooms are indeed the best in renovating your old bathroom and turning it into a new, sizzling one! Indeed, with years of experience and some of the master craftsmen at our disposal, we would do what it takes to make you feel proud of your bathroom.

We would use the best tools and techniques to come up with some astounding old bathroom renovations in Sydney that would meet your bespoke serviceable needs and aesthetic preferences.

Old Bathroom Renovation
The Salient Features of Our Bathroom Renovation Service in Sydney
The quality workmanship of our old bathroom renovators in Sydney couples with the best bathroom ware and appliances from famous brands to yield bespoke solutions that will not only meet your aspirations but go well beyond!

Hashtag Bathrooms is a fully insured company and all our old bathroom renovation specialists in Sydney are licensed and would use the latest tools and techniques to come up with some astounding results.

Our experts are more than acquainted with the latest trends of Sydney bathroom renovations, thus ensure they are never short of perfection when it comes to turning your bathroom trendy.

Bathroom Renovation Packages
Our Bathroom Renovation Basic Packages Start at $12000. View Our Bathroom Renovation Packages for More Details.
Old Bathroom Renovation
What our old bathroom renovators in Sydney offer?
At Hashtag Bathrooms, our old bathroom refurbishment service in Sydney would include:
  • Demolition
  • Designing and implementation of the new layout
  • Waterproofing
  • Drainage & Plumbing
  • Ventilation
  • Tiling & Painting
  • Heating
  • Rubbish removal & cleanup
Thus you see our old bathroom remodeling service in Sydney is an all-encompassing one that will justify your investment.
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Hence, don’t wait if you are to have a new look and feel for your bathroom. Call us to let us know about your aspirations. Our experts will pay a visit for a free survey and consultation. Get a free old bathroom restoration quote from us.