5 Contemporary Budget Bathroom Renovation Ideas that You Will Adore

Renovating or upgrading a bathroom is one of those acts that add substantial value to your property in Sydney like anywhere else in the world. It underlines your aesthetic preference, personality and does justice to your lifestyle. And perhaps most important of all, it brings in a tinge of freshness in your life, helping you get the better of the old, shabby look and feel of your old bathroom, that was the source of visual monotony. 

Now when it comes to upgrading bathrooms, sky’s the limit. And here is where the real challenge lies, for in pursuit of innovations and out of the box ideas, people overstep and their budget goes up in smoke. Thus, one good way is to hire a reputed name in the industry that is into modern bathroom renovations in Sydney. They will come up with bathroom renovation ideas, which will add a new look and feel to your bathroom, but without affecting your wallet. Nevertheless, let’s discuss 5 ideas that will do well to restrict your expenses. 

Restrict the usage of Tiles

There is no denial of the fact that tiling goes a long way to transform the look and feel of your bathroom altogether. However, tiles, more so the better and the aesthetically richer varieties, come at a pretty high cost, thereby spiking the renovation cost considerably. Thus, limiting the usage of tiles is one pretty effective way of cutting down the cost. Restrict the installation of tiles on only the high-impact area like the floor or the shower area. When it comes to tiling the walls, limit it to just one horizontal strip along the breadth of the wall, and paint the remaining part of the wall. 

Mind the Countertops

Granite countertops are another head of expense, which will eat up a substantial amount of your bathroom renovation budget. As the countertops of the bathroom are generally much smaller than their kitchen counterparts, the investment for bathroom countertops is generally much lower. However, you can further cut down the cost by skipping granite, and instead choosing shades that are relatively inexpensive. Here, suggestions of your experts offering bathroom renovations in Sydney will come in handy. 

Give your bathroom a Fresh Coat of paint

If you have budget constraints, but if you still need bathroom renovation badly, the painting is the best low cost option you have on the platter. Do away with the old paint and opt for a fresh shade and coat of paint on the walls, the ceilings and have all the old wood paneling polished afresh. This is one of the most cost effective bathroom renovation ideas that you can opt for. But there is a catch! If it’s a part of residential bathroom renovations in Sydney emphasis must be put on the quality of paint. Superior quality paints will be able to prevent moulds and mildews from growing in the bathroom, as a result of perpetual presence of moisture and humidity. 

Restricting to updating the fixtures

Another pretty effective way of bathroom renovation without bothering your wallet is restricting the remodelling to just installing updated versions of fixtures. Get away with the little details like the light fixtures, the towel racks, the sink faucets, the drawer pulls and the likes. As per the seasoned commercial bathroom renovators in Sydney, this is one of the most feasible options to go for, if you have budget constraints. All said and done, these changes will not carry a hefty investment, compared to the expense you have to incur if you opt for a holistic bathroom renovation, more so if the bathroom in question is a big, sprawling one. 

Freshening the caulk and grout

Grout and caulk are often overlooked during bathroom renovation. However, the irony is that, when you clean and freshen up the caulk and grout, it will mark the job half done. In fact, if you are planning to give your bathroom a fresh look and feel without spending much, just freshening up the caulk and the grout will do a lot. 

So these are 5 of a number of ideas that will help you to give your bathroom a fresh look and feel. Hiring reputed names like Hashtag Bathrooms will help you a lot as it will give you more similar ideas of low cost bathroom remodelling, Call us at 0447002233 to fix an appointment