Designing a Modern Bathing Area-What All it Takes?

Does your present bathroom look like that of the early 60’s? Is it high time to consider giving a sleek yet modern upgrade to your bathing zone? Upgrading your shower area with stylish fixtures and trendy accessories can help you start your day in style and make your investment successful. Before plunging into the job, here’s what you should consider giving a luxurious feel to your space.

Choosing the Right Wall Colours & Tile Patterns

If you plan for a contemporary bathroom within a stringent budget, going for minimalist upgrades is always the best option. Companies offering bathroom renovations in Sydney provides a comprehensive range of colour options and incredible tiling patterns that can fit your bathing area needs and allow you to give a refreshing start to a day. Moreover, the smooth surfaces block patterns and earthy tones can lift your spirit and boost your energy levels.

What Type of Shower Base Should Be Right for You?

When it comes to renovating your bathing area, it’s essential to choose a shower base colour that can seamlessly fit into the rest of the decor and complement the surrounding aesthetics of your bathroom. If you are going primarily with grey wall tones, probably a white or beige base would work well during full bathroom renovations in Sydney. On the other hand, if your heart falls for dark brown tones, biscuit or almond can be a preferred choice.

Decorate Your Bathing Zone with Trendy Accessories

From grab bars to shelves, a professional bathroom renovation company provides a wide range of durable, customised and easy-to-clean shower accessories that can amplify the overall appearance of your bathing zone during bathroom renovations in Eastern Suburbs Sydney. If you want to start your day in style, upgrading your shower zone with stylish faucets, showerheads and shower screen enclosures can be an ideal way to turn your dreams into a reality. 

White Subway Tiles-Are They Worth It?

White subway tiles are a timeless choice, not because they create a sense of depth and openness but look classic and sophisticated. If you have a cramped bathing zone, you may choose to install white subway tiles by bathroom renovators in Sydney to create the illusion of a bigger space. However, if your heart falls for a striking contrast, you may use charcoal grout for a more relaxing feel. 

Marble Shower Zone with Frameless Glass Enclosures

Frameless shower walls have been making rounds for years and have become an intrinsic part of luxury bathroom renovations in Northern Suburbs Sydney. If you are fortunate enough to have an ensuite, you can incorporate luxe and elegance by having a large shower. The frameless glass enclosures and doors create a sense of openness and make your bathroom airy. Moreover, the custom built-in bench makes shaving in steam relaxing and doesn’t make your bathing area look overdone post bathroom renovations in South Sydney.

At Hashtag Bathrooms, we specialise in modern bathroom renovations using premium materials and accessories at budget-friendly rates. Our skilled and professional bathroom renovators in West Sydney do whatever it takes to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your space and make your space stand out post commercial bathroom renovations in Sydney. If you want to upgrade your bathing area while sticking to budget, give us a call or ask for a free quote!