Features That Are Now Found in Modern Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom designs are changing day by day. So, with a renovation, you can make your bathroom look alluring. However, if you are wondering what features are now seen in most of the bathroom renovations, you will need to go through the points that we have discussed here. 

Here, we will be focusing mostly on the modern bathroom renovations and what you can expect from them. However, if you are in Sydney and planning to remodel your bathroom, talk to the renovators first to see whether they can offer you these features since the development varies from developer to developer.

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  • Extra Shower Space

Today, a modern bathroom renovation in Sydney might include a walk-in shower that offers extra showering space. Basically, it makes the bathroom look more spacious and is hence considered a versatile style since it just creates an illusion of more space. 

The appearance of your bathroom becomes sleek and hence, the bathroom looks luxurious. This feeling comes from the fact that the shower space looks less cramped. 

This is a feature that you can expect out of renovations that are performed on spacious bathrooms.

  • Temperature-Controlled Shower

In contemporary renovations, temperature-controlled showers, also called thermostatic showers are now found. This is one feature that is loved by many since this also gives your bathroom a luxurious feel and contributes to the maximisation of the pleasure factor when it comes to the daily shower experience. 

Different variations of thermostatic shower designs are available that look elegant. Moreover, they can be installed easily by the bathroom renovators in Sydney. Besides, a thermostatic mixer shower can automatically maintain the water temperature set by the user.

  • Bathroom Mirror Heating

This is another unique feature that can be found in several contemporary bathroom renovations. Here, the mirror emits steam that is helpful for men who would like to shave their beards.

Steam softens the hair follicles and hence shaving becomes easier. At the same time, the level of steam can be increased or decreased manually through the mirror controls. However, a problem with these mirrors is that mist can decrease visibility and hence, the mirror needs to be wiped with a towel. 

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  • Custom Tiles

Just like a jigsaw puzzle, tiles can be customised and placed to create designs. For instance, with the help of tiles, you can create your favourite superhero design or a cartoon character on the floor and the walls. However, this feature is found mostly in residential bathroom renovations in Sydney. However, experimentations can be seen in commercial bathrooms renovations as well.

  • Inclusion of LED Lights and TV

Fancy LED lights in bathrooms are now a trending feature. 

These lights can turn on and off based on touch. Besides, a plain TV can be attached if you have a spacious bathroom where you can enjoy watching your favourite show while taking a bath. Moreover, with the lights, you can give your bathroom a spa-like feel.

These are some of the handful features that you can expect from modern renovations. But with each passing day, builders are experimenting with newer styles that include newer features.

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We Renovate all types of bathroom with prices starting at $12,000
  • Get your new bathroom on time and within your budget
  • Deal with highly skilled professionals
  • Get 3D design and quality product