How to Design the Perfect Bathroom According to Your Lifestyle Needs?

The right bathroom design can make a huge difference to the overall home aesthetics and increase the market value of your property. With the right decor, accessories and fixtures in place, you can enjoy the ultimate comfort that can serve your tailored needs and make bathroom renovations worthy. From a luxurious spa retreat to a vintage cottage style bathroom, you can seamlessly elevate the aesthetic appeal of your space and take it to the next level. Check out these inspirational tips so that you can design the ultimate bathroom tailored to your lifestyle requirements.

Essential Requisites for a Luxurious Bathroom

You can turn your bathroom into a perfect relaxing retreat if you have the right fixtures and accessories in place. Here’s how you can enjoy the perks of a luxury ‘at-home’ spa retreat post bathroom renovations in Sydney.

  • Elegant Decor

To give your bathroom a contemporary outlook and incorporate modern aesthetics, update your bathroom’s lighting and fixtures. Go for trendy designs featuring striking finishes like matte black or sleek gold. An easy way to keep up with the latest bathroom trend is to replace dull shower curtains and rugs with something vibrant and classy during full bathroom renovations in Sydney.

  • Incorporate a Sauna

If you don’t have budget constraint, you may consider installing a modern sauna in your bathroom to detox and relax after a tiring day. You can also create an ideal spa-like ambience to alleviate the strain in tense muscles by hiring a leading bathroom renovation company. 

  • Upgrade Your Flooring

A luxurious bathroom should have premium flooring and thus, you may consider upgrading your worn out bathroom tiles with ceramic to incorporate elegance and luxe to your space. Installing marble tiles is another way to create a sense of openness and give your bathroom a sophisticated vibe post bathroom renovations in Eastern Sydney.

Essential Requisites for A Kid Friendly Bathroom

Your kids too, should have an impeccably designed bathroom that can accommodate their desires and fulfil their needs. Check out these quick tips to design your child’s bathroom in a way so that it creates interest and add fun.

  • Install Kid’s Friendly Accessories: To ensure the bathroom is safe for use by kids, you should be a little tricky while choosing bathroom accessories. Add outlet covers to ensure the tiny fingers don’t get hurt and install a lock on the toilet to keep it covered until pee time. Additionally, placing a ripped mat underneath the tub can mitigate the risk of tripping or slipping off the floors and keep the safety of your kids unhampered.
  • Install Plenty of Shelves: Install wall-mounted shelves or add extra drawers to the cabinet so that your kids find enough space to store their bathroom essentials. Adding shelves is an ideal way to maximise space and you can apply contrasting colours to make the bathroom inviting for the little ones post bathroom renovations in North Sydney.

Creating the Perfect ‘Safe-Bathroom’ for the Elderly

If you have elderly members residing in your family, you need to keep their safety aspects in mind to avert the risk of potential injuries. Here are a few practical ways to create the ideal safe-bathroom for the senior members.

  • Install a Handicap Toilet

Toilets meant for seniors should have a taller height that would be easier for them to get up and down. Ask the professional bathroom renovators in Gosford to incorporate standard toilet height within 18-19 inches from the floor to the rim of the bowl. 

  • Install an Emergency Button

Installing an emergency alert button in the bathroom during full bathroom renovations in South Sydney will be an additional safety measure if in case, anything goes wrong. These buttons should be an alarming sign for you to know that your elderly members need assistance.

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