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How to Make Small Bathrooms Look Spacious Post Renovations?

Today, bathrooms are treated as one of the most functional corners of a home which offers the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate after a tiring day. Unlike a master ensuite that offers endless options to start your day in style, cramped spaces limit your possibilities and leave you with no other option than hiring professional bathroom renovations. With some minimalist yet functional bathroom upgrades, you can maximise your space and create a sense of depth and openness. 

Here are some quick tips on what all you can do to make your small bathroom appear larger. Stay glued.

Play With Colours to Create the Illusion of a Bigger Space

A small bathroom limits your possibilities to experiment with mix and match colours and if they don’t work well, you may end up making your bathroom appear more cluttered and clumsy post bathroom renovations. To create the illusion of a bigger space, choose a lighter shade for the ceilings and paint walls with a similar tone complementing the colours of your flooring. 

Incorporate Lesser Transitions for Spacious Feel

Similar to colour transitions, the less design you use in your bathroom, the more your space looks spacious and airy. You should make visual transitions as uniform as possible to create a seamless blend with the surrounding aesthetics during custom bathroom renovations in Sydney. While the walls, ceilings and tiles can have mix and match patterns, they must have cohesion instead of contrasts required to maintain continuity throughout the space.

Use Mirrors & Glasses to Maximise Space

Another way to make your cramped bathroom appear bigger is by installing more than one mirror for the best visual impact. For a greater effect on lighting, incorporate more glass elements during bathroom renovations in Sydney and this may include glass shower enclosures, glass panelled doors and many more.

Allow Sufficient Natural Light to Penetrate

Be creative with lightings to avoid the cluttered feel in your bathroom. An impeccably lit bathroom creates a sense of depth and illusion of a larger space. Additionally, it enhances the aesthetic appeal and incorporates a luxurious feel in your space. Besides accent lights, you may ask the bathroom renovators to create space for natural light penetration in order to incorporate both freshness and appeal.

Replace Shower Enclosures With Space-Saving Shower Boundaries

A shower door consumes a significant amount of space and adds to the cluttered feeling. Instead of choosing shower enclosures, you may hire a bathroom renovation company for installing textured glasses to protect privacy, at the same time, save space. Another creative way to maximise space is by installing shower curtains. Besides maximising space, they can add colours to your bathroom and make it welcoming.

Choose Floating Vanities for a Spacious Feel

When it comes to small bathroom renovations in Sydney, you need to utilise every square inch to make the most of your remodel. If you think vanities wouldn’t be a feasible option for cramped spaces, you can still maintain the aesthetics and maximise space with single-door floating vanities. You can even make use of the space underneath the suspended vanities whilst keeping the design element intact.

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