How to Stay on Budget During Custom Bathroom Renovations?

When it comes to upgrading your home, you may pay little heed to remodel your bathroom considering it to be expensive and time-consuming, but the fact is bathroom renovations in Sydney can be economical and less burdening to the pocket if you follow some proven tips. 

Today, bathrooms are treated as functional corners of a home which allows more than just freshening up. It can be a serene spot to soak away your tiredness after a hectic day and a perfect stress-buster zone during weekends. Thus, to incorporate a perfect ‘feel-good’ factor, it’s important to design your bathroom with elements that can add luxe as well as meet form and functionality. Worrying about the budget? Luckily, there are economical ways to transform your shabby bathroom into a spa retreat which this blog with rightly explain.

Remodel Outdated & Shabby Cabinets

Replacing old cabinets with brand new ones can be a costly affair altogether. Instead, you may renovate the base of the existing ones with a fresh coat of paint. Ask the professional bathroom renovators in Sydney to refinish the cabinet doors with wood-look laminates and experience the feel of a contemporary and elegant space.

Replace Old Shower Fittings

Replacing old shower fittings with sleek and modern shower panels is a cost-effective way to give your bathroom a new makeover without embarking on full bathroom renovations in Sydney. Their unique features not only allow you enjoy a refreshing morning shower but incorporate elegance too! Choose the ones offering multiple functions and which suits both your style and budget. Alternatively, you can swap the outdated showerhead with trendy designs for an improved appearance.

Add Trendy Floating Shelves

Have you ever wondered how floating shelves can help in maximising your existing bathroom space? Besides being an ideal space-saving option, floating shelves add aesthetics and give bathrooms a modern look. They can stand alone or may be installed parallel to one another at varying heights. If installed right by tradespeople offering luxury bathroom renovations in Sydney, they can add a decorative touch, but you need to maintain them in a pristine condition for an improved look and feel.

Separate Shower Zone with Glass Partitions

Glass shower partitions are not only practical additions to keep the rest of your bathroom clean from water splashes, but they offer a sophisticated appearance and create the illusion of a bigger space. Separating shower zone with glass partitions by experts of a leading bathroom renovation company can modernise your bathroom without involving hefty investments. 

Install Oversized Mirrors 

Covering unused walls with large mirrors can do wonders for your space and set the tone for best bathroom renovations in Sydney. They create a sense of depth and the illusion of a bigger space. Additionally, large mirrors allow eyes to travel further and make your bathroom look spacious instead of cramped and cluttered. Give your bathroom a new makeover with large mirrors walls that are left unattended or unused and make bathroom remodel worthy.

At Hashtag Bathrooms, we have set our benchmark in luxury bathroom renovations in Sydney and allow homeowners transform their dreams into a reality. Our skilled tradesmen incorporate decorative touches and high-end architectural detail that enhances the visual aesthetics and make custom bathroom remodel worthy. Speak to our certified renovators and discuss your tailored needs. You will surely fall in love with our quotes!