Taking Guard against COVID 19 – Keeping your Bathroom and the Rest of Your Home Safe

The COVID 19 has sent us living on a razor’s edge. It has left us scared, skeptical, nervous, suspicious and over-conscious about our surroundings. It has changed our lifestyle along with our basic habits. We have developed new habits and our very concepts regarding hygiene and cleanliness have changed.

We now put more heed to the issue of cleanliness than before and our over consciousness in regards to cleanliness at times gains the proportion of fussiness, and we cannot be blamed for. For we all know, prevention is much better than cure, more so when it comes to combating COVID 19, that has claimed 4,135,069 lives worldwide as per the latest stats available, and it’s still over yet! That itself speaks of the effect the virus has had on our life, driving us to all these frenzy regarding cleanliness and hygiene. So let us, on this page, discuss some of the aspects of cleaning, not just of your bathroom but the rest of your home, for a better, safer and healthier living.

How does Disinfection differ from Cleaning? 

Previously, an old man in the street would have never cared to differentiate between the two. But now, things are different. When it comes down to cleaning, it doesn’t merely stop cleaning but it goes to the extension of disinfection.

It is important to note at this juncture, that cleaning a surface involves simple removal of the dirt and dust particles that are superficially present. But disinfection is something else. It is a deep cleaning, if we may say so.

What is it, technically? Let us see. 

A number of invisible elements keep stuck to an apparently cleaned surface and they include virus and bacteria. This is where disinfection comes into play for elimination of these elements. Specialised cleaning procedures with special tools and cleaning products go a long way to eliminate these elements, thereby making the surfaces safe and secured. This plays an extremely important role in your fight against COVID. And there are experts who are trained to carry out this disinfection process with the help of special techniques and tools.

These personnel play a pivotal role in keeping the bathroom, the toilet and every other nook and cranny of your home disinfected and safe. Thus, when it comes to hiring cleaning experts, don’t think of the days when hiring good cleaners would have been enough. Now, the scenario has changed. Hire specialists who are not just experts at cleaning, but are trained and equally competent in carrying out disinfection service as well. This will go a long way to keep you safe.

What disinfection against COVID 19 involves? 

When it comes to carrying out disinfection against COVID 19, it involves getting to every nook and cranny of your home – not just your bathroom, and focusing on those areas, which are hotspots for the virus. This includes the high traffic and high touch areas like the toilet area, more so the seat and the handle. It also includes cleaning the shower area, the faucets, the sinks and the basins, the vanity corners, the counters in the bathroom and then the cupboard and the pulls and knobs of drawers. It involves focusing on the refrigerator, the dishwasher, the microwave and the oven handles and knobs. The remote control and the phones, the game control and the door knobs and handles, the table surfaces, railings of the staircases, the switches and switch plates are disinfected as well.

Therefore you see, the realm of cleaning has changed and gotten more intense after the appearance of the COVID 19 virus, all the way from Wuhan, China. So the need of the hour demands a more comprehensive & intense disinfection, not just cleaning service, by the best and experienced professionals, to stay safe and sound.