Top Tips That Ensure Successful Renovation of Small Bathrooms

You just cannot opt for bathroom renovations blindly. You cannot afford to treat your old bathroom renovations in Sydney like a blind date. That will be a disaster. The reason is pretty understandable. You do not renovate your bathroom at the drop of a hat. And it involves a fair amount of investment. That’s why, any renovation you might have thought of has to be meticulously planned. You need to consider a lot of factors while planning bathroom renovation. The size and the dimension of your bathroom are two of the factors to consider. 

On this page, we discuss some effective tips that make small residential bathroom renovations in Sydney much easier. 

Adding a walk-in shower: 

Adding a walk in shower is a fantastic step if you are looking to renovate your small bathroom. Experts of present day businesses that are into bathroom renovations in Sydney would suggest a walk-in shower, as it will serve your purpose without eating up much space. 

Installing faux marble – instead of real: 

Well, there are two schools of thoughts. One would tell you to go for real marble as you have minimal flooring space available. The other would tell you to opt for faux marbles rather than the real things, as the fakeness will not show up due to minimal floor space. You are already investing a lot for full bathroom renovations in Sydney. Why spend more for the flooring unnecessarily? 

Adding a wall niche and/or bench at the shower

Though you have very little space to deal with, putting some thoughts into the design while considering bathroom renovations in Gosford, is not wrong. What about adding a wall niche or a bench at the shower? While it will not eat up much space, it will surely add a difference to the aesthetics of your bathroom. Any expert of a reputed bathroom renovation company would suggest it. 

Adding a custom glass wall with door 

This will serve a dual purpose. One – it will give you a mirror to use without having to use an extra space, and two – it will help you to use the decks behind the mirror as a toilet store. When you opt for custom bathroom renovations in Sydney do not forget it. It will count. 

Have tiles from the shower till behind the sink & toilet

Well, predominantly it is something that works best in commercial bathroom renovators in Sydney, but amazingly the technique works wonders in case of small bathrooms as well. This tiling continuity from the shower all the way till the rear of the toilet and sink will help your small bathroom look more spacious than what it is. 

Add some difference in tiling on the shower floor

You need to escape from visual monotony. While your options to add variety are restricted due to space constraints at your bathroom, you can always add some difference by adding different tiling for your shower area. This difference of tiling in the shower floor from the rest of your bathroom will add an element of vibrancy that an expert offering bathroom renovators in Sydney will always advise. 

Thus, if you are looking forward to hiring a quality company for your small bathroom renovations in Parramatta, you must hire the one that will help you with these ideas and many more. Hiring Hashtag Bathrooms will be a great idea. 0447002233 are the numbers we will be available at.