Trending Bathroom Renovation Designs of 2021 to Bank Upon

Bespoke designs for bathroom renovations can be considered the centre of attraction in 2021 when it comes to home or office interior improvement. Also, improvisations and experimentations have led to the origin of several new designs to choose from. So, if you are in Sydney and planning to invest in a custom style but don’t know the best one to go for, this discussion will give you a direction.

  • Hotel-Inspired Renovations

The bathroom designs that you can see in a hotel is undoubtedly different from that of a home or an office. 

In a hotel, the bathroom is more elegant with intricate designs and high-end accessories attached. However, in 2021, establishing luxury bathroom renovations in Sydney is possible that come very close to what you can find in a hotel.

From the aesthetic to the functionality and the usage of colours and detail, builders will use premium materials to create bathroom designs that will indeed look alluring.

  • Cooler Tones are the Newest Trend

In most of the modern bathroom renovations in Sydney, we can now find cooler tones being used at large.

The standard grey tile is now being replaced by stone-like colours since they are soothing, yet appealing. However, woodwork is something that is still highly popular due to the textures for which interior designers are still recommending it to the clients looking to give a new look to their bathrooms.

  • Spa-Inspired Bathrooms

When it comes to sophisticated designs, bathrooms that resemble spas are the new trend. 

Therefore, if you want to invest in custom bathroom renovations in Sydney that feels calm and relaxing, a spa-based bathroom is a good choice. But, if you want to fully experience a spa-like environment, your bathroom needs to be spacious. That does not however mean that small space is a factor. Still, before investing, talk to the builders who can make the best decisions only after inspecting your existing bathroom.

  • Showers for Two

This is another trending renovation right now.

Here, you get more space, i.e. there will be two showers attached to create space for two people to shower at once. 

Earlier, the double shower was seen only in community bathrooms or in training academies, but now it has become popular in the residential areas as a custom renovation design due to the space advantage it provides. 

  • Ribbed Glass Shower Screens

If you are investing in full bathroom renovations in Sydney, better go for ribbed glass dividers or showers since they are the latest trend now.

They do not obscure the view. Besides, they have a subtle texture and do not sacrifice light. Moreover, these glass dividers suit best for both traditional and contemporary bathrooms.

  • Large-Scale Tiling

Any bathroom renovation is incomplete without tiles. 

Today, we find large tiles in modern bathrooms, and the reason why they are trending is that they make the bathrooms look sophisticated. 

Earlier, the tiles on the bathroom floors and walls were mostly small to medium-sized and included several colours. Though it is a conventional style and is still adored by many, the larger tiles are devoid of the hefty customisations and give a tidier look for which it has become so much popular in the recent period.

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